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Proteco Ace Kit - Double Electric Swing Gates - 230v

Has Options

Product Name Weight Length Angle Price Add to Cart
Proteco Double Kit Ace 3Ti 230V 400kg 4.00m 110°
Excl. Tax: £630.00 Incl. Tax: £756.00
Proteco Double Kit Ace 4Ti 230V 500kg 4.50m 120°
Excl. Tax: £650.00 Incl. Tax: £780.00

Quick Overview

The Proteco Ace is a 230v electromechanical swing gate motor system with a linear ram configuration. Being the most powerful swing gate opener Proteco offers, it is designed to operate heavier metal gates and is unsuited for wooden gates (common in the UK) . It is suitable for driveway inward opening gates featuring moderately sizes gatepost or pillars (100mm - 300mm).

The Ace is engineered to be robust and long-lasting, and is made with quality materials (die-cast aluminium, stainless steel, bronze and steel) and like all Proteco motors comes with a 3-Year warranty as standard.

Proteco Ace - Motor Dimensions

Proteco Ace Double Gate Kit - 230v

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Kit Contents

2 x Leader Ram Operators with fixing brackets
2 x Safety Photocells
1 x Gate Control Unit (PCB)
1 x Key Switch
2 x Remote controllers
2 x Override keys for use during power cuts
1 x Safety Blinker Light

Key Facts

  • Double swing gates
  • Maximum 120° inwards opening
  • Domestic use, 1 property (40% duty cycle)
  • Suitable for metal gates only (powerful motor)
  • Suitable for moderate gatepost and pillars (100-300mm)
  • 230v standard mains power
  • Easy programming (10 seconds automatic mode)
  • Irreversible motor (secures the gates)
  • Precision engineered with quality material
  • 3-year motor warranty


View FileProteco Ace - Data Sheet    Size: (835.42 KB)

Quick reference data sheet for the Proteco Ace gate automation motor system

View FileProteco Ace - Instruction Manual    Size: (3.29 MB)

Installation and user guide for the Proteco Ace swing gate automation system

View FileProteco Q80A Control Board - Instruction Manual    Size: (1.59 MB)

Installation and user guide for the Proteco Q80A control board (230v) for swing gate automation

View FileProteco TX312 - Remote Keyfob Instructions    Size: (742.81 KB)

Proteco TX312 433MHz 3-Channel Gate Remote Instruction Manual

View FileProteco RF36 Photocells - Manual    Size: (227.84 KB)

Proteco RF36 Wired Oval Safety Photocells (Infrared Sensor) Set Instruction Manual

View FileProteco Ace - Certificate of Conformity    Size: (239.16 KB)

EU Declaration of Conformity required for the gate automation installer's technical file

Technical Details

Proteco Ace - Inwards Opening Only

Proteco Ace - Typical Installation


Product Type Kit, Double Gate
Gate Type Double Swing Gates
Motor Type Ram (Linear Arm)
Voltage 230v
Handed Ambidextrous
Weight 400kg
Length 3.00m
Angle 120°
Uses & Applications Residential (Single Property)
Operation Swing - Inward Only
Irreversible Motor Yes - Irreversible
Solar / Battery Power Incompatible
Motor Thrust 3000N
Limit Stop Type Ext. Gate Stops
IP Rating IP54
Temperature Range -20° to +55°
Obstacle Detection Force Limitation
PCB Programming Simple
Torque Adjustment 10 Pre-Sets (Default No. 5)
Receiver Fixed (Built-In)
Receiver Range 30m
Receiver Frequency 433.92 MHz
Security/Encryption Rolling Code (16 Million Codes Available)
Gate Speed 17"