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Remote Key Fobs

Proteco remote key fobs are wireless control units used to send commands to automation systems (gates, garage doors, lighting, blinds, awnings and any other home automation control). Proteco remote key fobs operate on 433.92 MHz and have 3-channels available (three control buttons for different commands). They have encoded security (rolling code with 16 million codes available), long-lasting battery life and are compatible with all Proteco control boards and receivers.

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  1. 30m
    3 Button
    433.92 MHz
    myGaye myKey Remote Gate Key Fob Range

    myKey Remote Key Fob - Wireless, 433.92 MHz, 3-Channel

    Starting at: Excl. Tax: £33.29 Incl. Tax: £39.95

    The myKey remote key fob is a 3-channel (3-buttons) wireless control for home and gate automation systems and is compatible with all current Proteco and myGate control boards (PCBs). The myKey has a normal range of about 30 metres, but this can be extended by using an external aerial unit with the control board (extending the range up to 80m).

    Each channel can operate an independent system. For example, a property may have two gates; one entrance gate, one exit gate each operated with their own key fob remote. Instead of carrying around 2 key fobs in your pocket, you can operate both off the one key fob.

    As each channel (button) of the remote is separate from the other, one button must be designated and used to operate the gate.

    In addition, the key fob can be programmed to have one button to act as an Emergency Stop. This can be handy where an external Emergency Stop push button cannot or has not been fitted.

    The myKey is available in three colours (grey, lime and purple) and uses a 23A 12v battery which can be easily replaced. It operates at 433.92 MHz.

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