Proteco Q80A Control BoardProteco have two new control boards - the Q80A (swing gates) and the Q80S (sliding gates). These new gate control boards build on the easy to use and program functions offered by the Q60, but also introduce even simpler automatic programming functions and add board level built-in force limitation and obstacle detection technology.

Programmable control unit – the heart of your gate automation

Gate automation kits include a standard control unit that commands the motor units what to do – open, close, pause etc. The quality or functions of this control unit may depend on the age of the gate kit or the manufacturer brand.

But did you know you can install a new control unit with the latest technical performance and benefits to your existing gate automation? Our new Q80A and Q80S are high quality and reliable control units with innovative features and safety upgrades.

Why might you need a new control board?

If your gate system pre-dates 2009 when the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations Act 2008 came into law then it is unlikely your control board will have built-in force limitation technology, which is now a legal requirement - unless you have either 1) a manned gate with a trained operator or 2) an area presence detection systems (such as a laser or infra-red curtain) which will prevent the gate ever touching someone. If you do not meet either of these scenarios, then force limitation is required.

Force limitation is generally provided via two means:-

  1. Built-in force limitation technology provided by the programmable gate control unit
  2. PSPE (safety edges) which will detect any contact an send a stop and back-off signal to the gate control unit.

In the United Kingdom the HSE has also advised in Safety Notice FOD 7-2010 that force limitation alone is not enough for unmanned gates, and that additional safeguarding techniques should be used – which they clarify by stating that safety edges and on-board force limitation should be used together as standard and all Category 2 and 3 installations.

How is the Q80 different?

Proteco Q80S Sliding Gate Control BoardThe Q80 has some great ways to improve your gate automation and modify its actions to work the way you want it.

Easy Programming

The Q80A and Q80S have been designed to be user friendly and very easy to set up. When using the automatic programming mode, set up takes just 10 seconds!

User-Friendly Interface

The Q80 includes a LCD screen that allows easy feedback (fault diagnosis) and adjustments to your settings. Such adjustments may include the Multi Users function to allow opening priority or the Pedestrian function to allow partial opening of a gate.

Fault Diagnosis

The User Interface includes Fault Diagnosis which notifies the user if any faults or defects with the motors or safety devices occur.

Improved Safety

The Q80 enables you to customise the opening and closing delay of the gate leafs. The working and deceleration times may also be modified to decrease the gate speed to a safe pace.

You can also amend the levels of obstacle detection, to ensure your gate leafs safely withdraw in the potential event of an accident.

Protect your Control Unit

The Housing Box provides ample protection from harsh weather elements and fauna. It also includes cable glands and a rubber gasket to ensure smooth wiring through the box and protects the wiring from dirt and contamination.

The Q80 control unit is available to buy from Click below for more information.

Q80A for swing gates
Q80S for sliding gates