Eldes ESIM120 GSM Switch

Smartphone gate opener

Mobile phones are almost ubiquitous in the UK with 93% of the adult population owning/using a mobile phone and 61% of adults owning/using a smartphone(Q1 2014 - Ofcom). We carry them with us most of the time, and with smartphones being small internet enabled computers we are undertaking more and more tasks on these handy devices (shopping, banking, reading news, listening to music, face-to-face video, social media etc). With fixed rate international charges from many mobile operators too we are much more likely to travel abroad with our mobile phone without a second thought.

So it is in this environment where we are turning increasingly to our mobile phones to help us with day-to-day admin, socialising and entertainment that people expect to be able to access and control their home automation from their phone too. Enter stage left the Eldes Smartgate ESIM120 GSM Switch, a very clever device that allows you to control pretty much any electric automation system via an app on your mobile.

Smartgate ESIM120 GSM Switch - Smartphone Gate Opener

Want to open your gates anywhere in the world?

The Eldes Smartgate ESIM120 GSM Switch gives you complete remote access control for your gates, house, garage doors and parking barriers. Enjoy the freedom of allowing guests or employees to enter your property freely or precisely when you want, from wherever you are.

  • 2 x channels/outputs so you can open/operate two devices (gates, doors, barriers, bollards, awnings, blinds, irrigation, lighting)
  • Up to 500 Users
  • Free to use - no call or text charges to the user (uses Call ID technology without connecting the call)
  • Schedule when specific users can enter e.g. business hours/out-of-hours controls
  • Users access expiration (ideal for fixed term memberships at gyms, spas and golf clubs)
  • No more buying multiple key fobs that get lost or damaged
  • Users can be added or removed by simply sending a text
  • Control your entrances from anywhere in the world!
Uses - Remotely operate any of the following home automation systems:-
  • Gates
  • Doors
  • Garage doors
  • Car park barriers
  • Rising bollards
  • Garden/driveway lighting
  • Garden irrigation/sprinklers
  • Swimming pool covers
  • Awnings
  • Blinds
  • Conservatory windows
  • Bond villain volcano lair roof

How it works

  1. The user calls the number of the SIM card stored in the GSM controller from their phone. The user can also use the app on their smartphone or online with their PC or tablet to complete this action.
  2. If the number is recognised, the gate will open or close as instructed. The call is then rejected so there is no charge to the user. If the number is not recognised, the gate will take no action.
  3. Optionally, the user may receive an SMS message, which verifies the action has been completed.

Simple Installation

The ESIM120 GSM Switch manual will guide you through the set up process, step by step.

Programmable Opening schedule

This GSM gate opener is able to programme time schedules, automatic events and alerts. This means you can program your entrances to open or close at convenient times during specific hours, days or weeks.

Easy to add or remove users

The ESIM120 system can be configured with a USB cable, via the Internet or by SMS. New users can be easily added by sending a SMS stating their phone number. The USB tool is excellent for managing large user lists.

Simple management

User database management is simple as access logs are easy to create. Up to 5 system administrators can be added, each of which can add and maintain up to 500 users. You can also clearly check who has entered or left the property and when.

Safe and Secure system

Registered users may call to open the gates whenever needed. If the number is not recognised, the call will be dis-confirmed and the entrance will not operate. The system will also provide a report of any device faults to keep your access control safe.