Eldes ESIM120 GSM SwitchWant to open your gates from anywhere in the world?

The Eldes Smartgate ESIM120 GSM Switch gives you complete remote access control for your gates, house, garage doors and parking barriers. Mobile phones are almost ubiquitous in the UK with 93% of the adult population owning/using a mobile phone and 61% of adults owning/using a smartphone (Q1 2014 - Ofcom). People expect to be able to access and control their home automation from their phone, and the ESIM120 allows you to do this, either by:-

  1. Calling the remote switch with no-charges using Caller-ID recognition
  2. Pressing a button on either your Android or iOS smartphone app

Oh and did we mention that you can have up to 500 users telephone numbers, and that their access can be limited to specific hours and or dates! This offers a flexible and really useful access control method for a variety businesses such as spas, gyms and golf clubs where fixed term membership is used. It also allows building mangers and owners to provide specific time-windows to maintenance staff and contractors too...

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