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Proteco RT16 Horizontal Fail-Secure Electro-Lock 12-24v

Has Options

Product Name Price Add to Cart
RT16 Electro-Lock Horizontal
Excl. Tax: £73.00 Incl. Tax: £87.60
RT16 Electro-Lock + MEL01 (Q60 Control Board Interface)
Excl. Tax: £87.00 Incl. Tax: £104.40
RT16 Electro-Lock + MEL03 (Q56 Control Board Interface)
Excl. Tax: £87.00 Incl. Tax: £104.40
RT16 Electro-Lock + MEL04 (Q80 Control Board Interface)
Excl. Tax: £87.00 Incl. Tax: £104.40
MEL01 Electrolock Interface Q60
Excl. Tax: £21.00 Incl. Tax: £25.20
MEL03 Electrolock Interface Q56
Excl. Tax: £21.00 Incl. Tax: £25.20
MEL04 Electrolock Interface Q80
Excl. Tax: £21.00 Incl. Tax: £25.20

Quick Overview

The Proteco RT16 is a 12-24V electric lock for ideal for single swing gates. Electro-lock have two primary roles; firstly securing the gate to enhance access control so the gate cannot be forced open (even if already using irreversible motors); secondly to protect the irreversible motors on longer gates where the leverage strains of wind forces and humans inadvertently pushing the gate will progressively damage the gearing unless the gate is locked in place.

Therefore, it is recommended to install an electro-lock on all electric swing gates longer than 3m.

The RT16 Horizontal Electro-lock is compatible with all Proteco and myGate gate automation systems and uses an interface module to integrate with the gate control board:-

  • MEL04 Interface + RT16 for Q80A control board
  • MEL01 Interface + RT16 for Q60AR control board
  • MEL03 Interface + RT16 for Q56 control board.

Fail Secure - Remain Locked Without Power

The RT16 will unlock from a standard open command from your remote key fob. It can also be opened manually with a key that can be used in the event of a power cut. However, it should be noted the advantage of electrolocks over magnetic locks (mag locks) is that they are "fail secure", meaning your gates remain locked when power is cut.

Yale Style Keys

During a power cut you can unlock the gate using the manual override key. These are Yale style keys, making duplication for family, staff and neighbours easy and hassle free at most key cutters or locksmiths. The RT16 comes with 3 keys as standard. The RT16 is ambidextrous and can be fitted on either a left-hand or right-hand gate without any issues.

Proteco RT16 Horizontal Electro-Lock (No Interface)

More Views

  • Proteco RT16 Horizontal Electro-Lock (No Interface)
  • Proteco RT16 Electric Lock (inc. Two Override Keys)
  • Proteco RT16 Electric Lock + MEL01 Interface (Q60)
  • Proteco RT16 Electric Lock + MEL03 Interface (Q56)
  • MEL01 Interface (Q60) Module
  • MEL03 Interface (Q56) Module
  • Proteco RT16 Electric Lock + MEL04 Interface (Q80)
  • MEL04 Interface (Q80) Module

Kit Contents

1 x Horizontal Electric-Lock
1 x Keep Plate
3 x Manual override keys
1 x Instruction booklet
1 x OPTION (MEL module for control board)

Key Facts

  • Gate Unlocks from Remote Key Fob Command
  • Fail Secure (Remains Locked in a Power Cut
  • Requires MEL Interface Module for Control Board Integration
  • Manual Key Override
  • Yale Style Key (Hassle Free Duplication)
  • Suitable for both left and right applications
  • Suitable for internal and external use

Technical Details



Product Type Gate Lock
Compatible with Single Swing Gates - Requires an interface (MEL01, MEL03 or MEL04)
Voltage 12v dc or 24v dc
Material Galvanised Steel Body