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Proteco RF36 Wired Safety Photocells - Surface Mounted (Oval)

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RF36 Wired Safety Photocells
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Quick Overview

Proteco RF36 safety photocells are compatible with all Proteco gate automation systems (including myGate systems).

Gate automation safety photocells are designed to be cited to cover the gateway and approaches to the gate operating area (for swing gates). When the invisible infra-red beam between the transmitter and receiver photocells is broken by an obstacle - a pedestrian or vehicle going past them - the photocells send a stop-break-return command to the control board. This command ensures the gates remain open/closed when the beam is broken.

Proteco RF36 Photocell Dimensions

Proteco RF36 Wired Safety Photocells

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  • Proteco RF36 Infrared Safety Sensors

Kit Contents

1 x Pair of photocells (1 x transmitter, 1 x receiver)
1 x Instruction Sheet

Key Facts

  • Invisible infra-red safety beam
  • Position to cover gateways, doorways and approach areas
  • 40 metre range (maximum)
  • Compatible with all Proteco/myGate automation systems
  • Installation type - wired, surface mounted
  • 1-year motor warranty


View FileProteco RF36 Photocells - Manual    Size: (227.84 KB)

Proteco RF36 Wired Oval Safety Photocells (Infrared Sensor) Set Instruction Manual

View FileProteco RF36 - Certificate of Conformity    Size: (201.43 KB)

EU Declaration of Conformity required for the gate automation installer's technical file

Technical Details

Easy Installation

RF36 photocells are easy to install and set-up with standard wiring points on the gate control board being provided. The Q80 control board has the safety feature turn-on by default, so you merely wire the photocells into it.

  • Gateway photocells - wired into the closing phase terminals on the Q80
  • Gate approach photocells (covering the arc of swing gates) - wired into the opening phase terminals on the Q80

Swing gate arc (operating area)

Under UK and European gate automation safety law all installation must go through a risk assessment prior to any work where potential hazards are identified and measures taken to mitigate risk. What this means it that de facto you will almost certainly require a second set of photocells to cover the operating area (swing arc) of any swing gates.

The Safety Photocell’s are normally positioned either side of the opening at a height of about 300mm - 600mm, the Safety Photocells have a range of approx 40m although this can be reduced by up to 70% in cases of misalignment or difficult climatic conditions.

The Safety Photocell’s can be installed either in-front of the gates, behind the gates or for additional safety both in-front & behind the gates. By placing the Safety Photocells in-front of & behind the gates it provides further protection in the closing phase of the gate operation, if either infra-red beam is broken whilst the gates are closing the operation will halt. The diagram below provides an example.


Product Type Safety Photocell
Compatible with All Proteco automation systems, all myGate automation systems
Temperature Range -25°C to +70°C
Amps 50 mA Receiver, 50 mA Transmitter
Voltage 12 / 24V ac dc + / - 10%
Range 40m
Material Plastic outer case
Dimensions 55 x 110 x 35mm