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Proteco Shark Kit - Double Underground Electric Swing Gates - 230v

Has Options

Product Name Weight Length Angle Price Add to Cart
Kit, Double - Shark 230v SS 300kg 3.00m 110°(180°)
Excl. Tax: £945.00 Incl. Tax: £1,134.00
Kit, Double - Shark 230v Galv 300kg 3.00m 110°(180°)
Excl. Tax: £865.00 Incl. Tax: £1,038.00

Quick Overview

The Proteco Shark is a discrete underground 230v electromechanical swing gate motor system designed to operate either metal or wooden inward opening gates. It can also be used to open gates outwards with the addition of 180° angle adaptor accessory. The Shark has IP66 protection but like all underground gate automation will require suitable drainage to ensure that motor does not stand in water. The underground chamber (foundation boxes) are available in powder-coated galvanised steel or stainless steel.

The Shark is made to last, engineered to be robust and hard-wearing and this is reflected in the quality of the materials used (die-cast aluminium, stainless steel, bronze and steel) and why we offer a 3-Year motor warranty as standard.

Proteco Shark - Motor Dimensions

Proteco Shark Double Gate Kit - 230v Galvanised

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  • Pair of Proteco TX312 Remote Key Fobs (3-Channel, 433 MHz)
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  • Proteco Shark 180° Adaptor Kit Leaf Support Configuration
  • Proteco Shark Leaf Support & Release Lever
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  • Proteco Shark Release Key
  • Proteco Shark Transmission Arm
  • Proteco Shark Underground Chamber  Cover - Stainless Steel
  • Proteco Shark Underground Chamber  - Galvanised

Kit Contents

2 x Shark Operators
2 x Underground Chambers
2 x Safety Photocells
1 x Gate Control Unit (PCB)
1 x Key Switch
2 x Remote controllers
2 x Release Levers for use during power cuts
1 x Safety Blinker Light
1 x Instruction Manual

Key Facts

  • Double swing gates
  • Discrete underground motors
  • Maximum 110° (180° with adaptor)
  • Inwards opening (outwards with adaptor
  • Available with stainless steel chambers
  • Domestic use, 1 property (40% duty cycle)
  • Suitable for metal gates and wooden gates
  • Requires suitable drainage
  • 230v standard mains power
  • Easy programming (10 seconds automatic mode)
  • Irreversible motor (secures the gates)
  • Precision engineered with quality material
  • 3-year motor warranty


View FileProteco Shark - Data Sheet    Size: (843.09 KB)

Quick reference data sheet for the Proteco Shark underground gate automation motor system

View FileProteco Shark - Instruction Manaual    Size: (951.04 KB)

Installation and user guide for the Proteco Shark (230v) underground swing gate automation kit

View FileProteco Q80A Control Board - Instruction Manual    Size: (1.59 MB)

Installation and user guide for the Proteco Q80A control board (230v) for swing gate automation

View FileProteco TX312 - Remote Keyfob Instructions    Size: (742.81 KB)

Proteco TX312 433MHz 3-Channel Gate Remote Instruction Manual

View FileProteco RF36 Photocells - Manual    Size: (227.84 KB)

Proteco RF36 Wired Oval Safety Photocells (Infrared Sensor) Set Instruction Manual

View FileProteco Shark - Part No. List    Size: (390.63 KB)

Exploded parts diagram shwoing the Shark's components and part numbers

View FileProteco Shark - Certificate of Conformity    Size: (270.73 KB)

EU Declaration of Conformity required for the gate automation installer's technical file

Technical Details

Proteco Shark - Opening Options

Proteco Shark - Typical Installation


Product Type Kit, Double Gate
Gate Type Double Swing Gates
Motor Type Underground
Voltage 230v
Handed Ambidextrous
Weight 350kg
Length 3.00m
Angle 110°
Uses & Applications Residential (Single Property)
Operation Swing - Inward Only
Irreversible Motor Yes - Irreversible
Solar / Battery Power Incompatible
Motor Thrust 300N
Limit Stop Type Ext. Gate Stops
IP Rating IP66
Temperature Range -25° to +70°
Obstacle Detection Force Limitation
PCB Programming Simple
Torque Adjustment 10 Pre-Sets (Default No. 5)
Receiver Fixed (Built-In)
Receiver Range 30m
Receiver Frequency 433.92 MHz
Security/Encryption Rolling Code (16 Million Codes Available)
Gate Speed 17"
Dimensions Underground Chamber (320mm x 380mm x 180mm)